I would be honored by your vote on May 19, 2020

Taking Action and Getting Results

Not to alarm you, but a new wave of hybrid crime is hitting major counties across the United States. It recreates its capabilities through criminal actors, technology, and community fear — staying ahead of law enforcement operations and prosecution. And, it thrives on criminal justice systems like Fulton County on the brink of a bureaucratic crisis. 

Charles Rambo is running for Fulton County Sheriff because the Sheriff's Office is part of the bureaucratic crisis. Behind the strength of his candidacy is proven, prepared, and progressive  leadership with an unmatched 100-day plan to turn things around. Once sworn into office, Sheriff Rambo, your elected constitutional and chief law enforcement officer, restoring effectiveness in our criminal justice system to improve lives and provide safer communities.

Only the Rule of Law Can Take Back Control

That's a bold statement, but here's why Charles's thought leadership and 100-day plan is essential for informed voters like you to take notice and be in charge of change.

Fulton County's rapid development is threatened by hybrid crime but has a Sheriff's Office with a hands-off approach to doing something about it. For too many years, incumbents have operated the agency beneath its constitutional designation as if it has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy, and no power to deliver justice for the people. 

What appeared as the promise of progress forward; today, the incumbent sheriff leaves citizens vulnerable and underserved by also "not getting involved." Examine for yourself six verifiable limitations in the Sheriff's Office in how hybrid crime is undermining its constitutional operations. Only the rule of law  can take back control of the immense bureaucracy. 

County-Wide Senseless Violence


It is a proven fact that counties with a strong Sheriff taking a stand and taking action; everything begins to change. Unfortunately, from Buckhead to Old National Highway, violent crime is on the rise with no Sheriff strategies to take action in county-wide communities.

60 Days In Fulton County Jail


Look no further. Rather than to highlight accomplishments of being released from supervision of the federal court, the       A&E series "60 Days In," televised how the Fulton County Jail returned to being a violent, unsanitary, and dangerously overcrowded facility. 

Abhorrent Women's Jail Conditions


"No one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails." Lawsuits filed by the Georgia Advocacy Office and inquiries by United States Department of Justice cite abhorrent living conditions at the South Fulton Regional Jail stripping away women's human dignity.

Fulton Declines Sheriff Proposal


In a 2018 Execution Plan, Fulton County government declined the Sheriff's proposal to assume law enforcement and training academy functions from the county police department for lack of experienced and certified officers and supervisors.

Critical Agency Staff Shortages


The Sheriff Reserve Unit consisting primarily of retirees must supplement critical shortages of full-time Sheriff Deputies at the courthouse to protect the administration of civil and criminal trials.

Toxic Management and Work Culture


Workforce retention is the best indicator of how a law enforcement agency is being led. Unfortunately, management practices and agency culture has triggered an exodus of new hires and seasoned veterans taking early retirements.  

INFORMED VOTERS LIKE YOU are in charge of change

"I am not a problem describer. I am a solutions provider with a public safety policy that is broad and specific to combat crime and improve the human condition.