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Charles Rambo's Deeper Sense of Purpose for the Office of Sheriff


Every candidate has worthy experience and a platform to be the Sheriff of Fulton County. One is just more meaningful than others.

What sets Charles Rambo apart is over three decades of real-world major county Sheriff expertise serving and inspiring people in the values of the Fulton County Sheriff's Office (FCSO). From reforming one of the most dangerous county jails in the southeast to visibility in diverse neighborhoods combating crime. From citizens to the criminal element, Charles enjoys unavoidable recognition and street credibility in county-wide communities as a tough-love professional who meets people face-to-face with a quick mind to get things done without bureaucracy. They remember his exclusive voice, contributions, and commitment in the FCSO getting results for the people.

The Power of Reform


Leadership Changes Everything

A native of Gary, Indiana, Charles was raised in a single-parent home. He learned critical life lessons at an early age. Rather than fall prey to being a statistic, Charles worked his way through adversity on an unintended journey that was preparing him for the High Office of Sheriff.

Attending Roosevelt High School, Charles was enrolled in the JROTC unit, receiving meaningful leadership instruction. His commander saw his potential and promoted him from cadet sergeant to cadet captain. One of his first significant responsibilities was to sharpen the skills of 40 cadets who later were recognized as the best company in city-wide school inspections. This achievement rapidly matured Charles's calling in seeing and developing the best in others for mission readiness.


Developing the Best in Others

A veteran of the United States Air Force, during basic training, Charles was immediately appointed by the Drill Training Instructors to serve as Dorm Chief. Hilariously enough, his last name was not the reason for his increasing success in being appointed to leadership positions. The leadership Charles learned from JROTC in developing people empowered his Flight of 50 Airmen in the 3723rd Squadron to being rated best on Lackland, Air Force Base.  Charles was honored when Drill Training Instructors from across the base requested him to prepare and mentor their Flights for excellence. When Charles completed Air Force technical training, he relocated to Atlanta in 1987 serving as a reservist at Dobbins, Air Force Base with later  humanitarian deployments to the Republic of Panama for post-war assignment in Operation Just Cause and other state-side missions.


Early Lessons in Serving Humanity

While pursuing his childhood ambition of being a funeral director, Charles enrolled into Gupton-Jones College, where he rapidly gained community exposure while serving families as a licensed apprentice funeral director at a prominent funeral home. With the unfortunate death of a popular Atlanta Police Sergeant, while assisting in directing the funeral service, he developed an interest in forensic science and law enforcement.  


Formative Years in Sheriff Policy

With encouragement from a legendary law enforcement official of the civil rights era, Charles began his law enforcement career in 1989 sworn as a Sheriff's Deputy where he served his entire professional career with the FCSO.

Attaining an extensive portfolio of Georgia POST certifications specific to the Office of Sheriff, Charles's expertise and take charge leadership earned him appointments as a Field Training Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Intelligence Analyst, and Academy Instructor to 900+ sworn staff and civilians. While also serving as a Sergeant-Deputy Sheriff, Charles was elected to three terms as  president of Fulton Deputies Local 453 with an appointment to the national executive board and later election as national vice president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers. Charles's straight forward perspective on public safety policy with local, state, federal officials, and mass media are credited for getting things done.


A Gold Standard Instructor

Certified by Georgia's POST Council as a Senior Instructor, Charles has served as a an academy drill instructor providing candid yet engaging lectures at statewide law enforcement academies and agencies. His subject matter expertise is regarded by peace officers as the gold standard of adult learning in lectures on: Office of the Sheriff, constitutional law, criminal procedures, mock trial preparation, civil rights, inmate rights, civil liability, Intelligence-Led Policing, Community Oriented Policing, the Governors Initiative on Police Legitimacy, Procedural Justice and Community Relations, law enforcement management and supervision, and various other operational and tactical courses. 


2004 Courthouse Shooting

At a loss of words and action by the elected Sheriff to restore public confidence during the 2004 deadly courthouse shooting, mass media turned to Charles for a competent and direct template that provided a contingency plan.


Attempt to Abolish the Sheriff

When state legislators and local governing authorities sought to appoint or abolish the position of Fulton Sheriff from the control of the people through HR 351 (Fulton County Blue Ribbon Commission on Fulton County Governance), Charles Rambo stood in the gap and challenged the proposed resolution. He was credited by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution as the singular voice standing up helping to defeat the biased legislation


Resolving a Federal Consent Order

In 2009, the Fulton County Jail was on the verge of being taken over by the federal district court. Charles was entrusted to take the bull by the horn through perhaps the most heightened point of non-compliance to restructure operations.

Charles spearheaded the system named Compstat created by Jack Maple. Compstat is a law enforcement data-driven accountability system recognized by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as an Innovations in Government.

As cited in the Law & Order Magazine, "... the county jail, under a consent decree by the federal government involving the rights and living conditions of inmates in 15 specific areas, changed for the better in just nine months. ” The implementation of Compstat in the FCSO led the Federal Court Monitor to issue unprecedented 97% compliance ratings leading the embattled county jail being released from the federal consent decree. In site visits, the National Institue of Corrections, a Fulton County Grand Jury, foreign delegations and local clergy were impressed with the turnaround.  

During the acquisition of the South Fulton Regional Jail, Charles also served as the transitional commander and training coordinator making the facility a model for best practices in corrections.


Key to the Streets

Certified by the Department of Homeland Security as an intelligence analyst, a state-certified gang investigator, and training in SWAT operations, Charles co-founded the first Sheriff Tactical Intelligence Network Group (S.T.I.N.G) for the detection and interdiction of violent street gangs operating between the county jail, state prisons, and communities. Most unique was his street credibility enabling him to have robust face-to-face dialogue with notorious gang leaders and members without provocation. He also has provided statewide peace officers and communities insightful training on gang cultures.

It Only Takes One Person to Stand Up

A Lieutenant did all of this — and more. Just imagine what Charles's unmatched working knowledge will accomplish as Sheriff Rambo.

Charles Rambo's Major County Sheriff Expertise (pdf)


Keynote Speaker on Compstat

In 2011, Charles was the featured guest speaker before the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR - Atlanta Chapter) on the successes of Compstat in the FCSO.


Pinnacle Leadership

In 2019, Charles was honored with the highest Pinnacle Leadership Award for law enforcement and community service by the Fortitude Educational and Cultural Development Center, Incorporated.


Commitment to Sheriff Values

Charles is a member of the National Sheriff’s Association and the Georgia Sheriff’s Association. 


Shaping the Future with Competent Criminal Justice Leaders

While in his retirement, Charles still maintains a no-nonsense passion for the framework of the constitution in law enforcement operations. 

Charles continues to lecture at regional law enforcement academies on comprehensive  criminal case development. He has served as a guest lecturer on Criminal Deviance at DeVry University, and a former advisory board member for DeVry's criminal justice program. He provides valuable real-world insights to students enrolled at various other colleges on criminal justice research projects.


Expert Criminal Justice Consultant

Currently, Charles is the training and development partner for Rambo Solutions, LLC where he is the author of numerous Georgia POST approved publications and webinars with enrollment by thousands of worldwide students. He also provides expert emergency management seminars for houses of worship. 


A Mentor to Our Youth

Reflecting on his own youth reformation and professional experiences, Charles has taken a bold stance against juvenile deliquency and racial profiling. He has hosted numerous community forums educating thousands of youth about their personal responsibilities and constitutional rights when interacting with law enforcement officers. He provided this community service at Morehouse College, the Fulton Leadership Academy, Fayette County Chapter of the NAACP, Gwinnett Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, and the Guyanese and Tobago Business Association.


Family Values

Charles is married to Kelly. They are the proud parents of one daughter Marissa Anne. Marissa unselfishly shares her dad, with a discerning eye, with countless other youth who regard him as a father figure.