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Advancing a Modern Vision of Constitutional policing


What is Constitutional Policing?

Constitutional Policing is the only way forward. A legal foundation where law-abiding citizens, and even the criminal element, are more likely to cooperate when they believe peace officers are exercising their duties under the rule-of-law to improve lives and communities.


Why is Constitutional Policing the only solution?

Now, more than ever, the rule-of-law is the only corrective policy that can restore effectiveness in our criminal justice system and combat hybrid crime. It is largely dependent upon a Constitutional Sheriff who will not acquiesce his legitimate authority to protect life, liberty, and property in Fulton County.


Advancing a Modern Vision of Constitutional Policing

Everything changes when a decisive Sheriff with vision gets involved. From the streets to the county jail to the courthouse, Constitutional Policing will unite and organize people at every level of the agency with the leader's mindset, "what can I do that will make a difference," — today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Ready On Day One, Gold Star Reform is the Only Way Forward

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