Let's Avoid a Costly Run-Off Election. Make Your Vote Count Early for Charles Rambo

Constitutional Leadership


“In the exercise of executive and administrative functions, in conserving the public peace, in vindicating the law, and in preserving the rights of the government, he [the Sheriff] represents the sovereignty of the state, and he has no superior in his county…”                       

- Walter H. Anderson

Power Under Control

If the incumbent or other candidates will not publicly commit to the Sheriff's Office as the chief law enforcement officer of Fulton County, the badge may be too heavy for them to wear.

When voters, like you, have in-depth knowledge of how your Sheriff can take back control, you'll make the right choice and cast your vote for day-one ready constitutional leadership that knows how to deliver.

Let's begin by deflating the unfounded non-sense that the Office of Sheriff is not a policing agency. Your Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of Fulton County, wielding executive branch authority. It makes up nearly three-fourths of Fulton County's criminal justice system functions in corrections, law enforcement, courts, and investigations. And, it is proven that an elected Sheriff who understands his full authority through these constitutionally mandated functions can go further to improve lives and communities.  

And, here is why it matters to you.

Your elected Sheriff is distinct from other policing agencies. Even with the best comprehensive planning, the supplementary powers of police protection seldom conforms to the voice of affected citizens. A police chief's  real solutions can become subordinate to the political policy and direction of a mayor, city council members, county commissioners, and even special interests. Direct responses to senseless violence and crime being delayed by elected officials with no training, certification, or experience as a peace officer.

Now, more than ever, Fulton citizens must be able to call upon their elected constitutional official who has a greater level of authority to combat the threats of hybrid crime with the most direct action.

As specified in Article IX, Section 1, Paragraph III,  Georgia's Constitution is the primary source of Sheriff authority designating him as one of four mandatory constitutional and county officers. Unilaterally, the Georgia General Assembly under O.C.G.A. 15-16-1 (a) and O.C.G.A. 15-16-10 unequivocally vest the Fulton County Sheriff as the basic law enforcement officer with the primary mission of combating crime with law enforcement, investigative, court, and corrections authority.

Furthermore, the Sheriff's sovereign decision making authority is deeply interwoven in numerous federal and state court rulings.  Counties (nor federal or local governing authorities) cannot exercise power or influence over how the Sheriff executes his constitutionally mandated functions. As the Attorney General of Georgia cited in a 1977 Official Opinion No.77-830:

“The Sheriff has the duty and right to enforce laws. In exercising these duties and powers and acting as a conservator of the peace within his county, a Sheriff has the right and duty to enforce the laws enacted for the protection of the lives, persons, property, health, and morals of the people."

With the rule-of-law overriding low information, understand that your Fulton County Sheriff, like any other Georgia Sheriff, enjoys greater independence to make decisions about your public safety consistent with his duties and full authority. He may intervene in any law enforcement activity when compelled to do so in both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county. He also can pursue crime beyond the boundaries of his county across the state. 

Without question, the Sheriff should cooperate intensively with other elected constitutional officers, the judiciary, and local governing authorities. Especially in partnerships to avoid the bureaucratic crisis and bickering currently undermining our criminal justice system. However, the fact is, sometimes the Sheriff must live up to a mission that goes beyond political partnerships. As the preeminent authority and through his constitutional oath of office, he must not waver (with  executive check and balance authority) to take absolute rule of law actions. Not just to combat crime, but to prevent encroachments on the constitutional rights enjoyed by the people, just like you, in his county.

With this information fresh in mind, the greater level of independent power and authority vested in the Sheriff's badge alone is insufficient to lead change. Charles Rambo is your uniquely called person backed by real major county Sheriff expertise and vision. A constitutionally mandated officer, who will exercise authority to improve the human condition and communities — for the people of Fulton County.